Ken Saunders



About me!

I discovered my first passion at an early age.  It has always been about making others lives better.  For me it started with food and nutrition.  When I was young I would play grocery store with my grandmother on the big staircase in their home.  Since then it has moved on to include solving peoples technical problems, helping others find that restaurant, hotel, book or product that makes their lives better.  I have always loved sharing information that will help others. My main day to day work is in the Information Technology field. After working in this industry for over 20 years I took a look at what I'd been doing and decided I needed to really find work that will return me to my first passion, the thing I'd do for free if I could afford to.  I really started looking for businesses where I could be my own boss, help others and make the planet a greener space for future generations and I wanted to do this all from my home, not in some office.  Well as it turns out that company was right in front of me the whole time.  In fact I’d been shopping with them for years and years.  So now I have my own business that is in the business of helping others achieve vitality and wellness for themselves.  It continues to grow and expand, so if you or someone you know are someone that shares a similar vision of helping others (and themselves in the process) I’d love to talk with you. 


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